Clear Thermal Wrapping
Band Label
The Advanced Solution of Linerless Label

Support all variable information by direct thermal print and quick easy wrapping for your products

Require no ink ribbon or supply

Clear direct thermal film support all variable information without any ink

Multiple Conventional Labels

Thermal transfer technology

Thermal transfer technology

Require ink ribbons, multiple labels for all information with poor print quality...

Only one Clear Thermal Wrapping Band Label

Direct thermal technology

Direct thermal technology

No more ink ribbons, High quality print on huge print area.

All in one

All in one label display all modifiable information about
your product, ingredients, barcode, date of manufacture with sharp print



without Stick



from Anywhere



Your Product



More Value

The whole new Clear Thermal Wrapping Band Label
unify print and seal together


We have multiple Preprint option

Direct thermal printing system

No mare ink ribbons and high print quality with huge print area

Special applicator to print and apply The Clear Thermal Wrapping Band Label

Foot pedal

Touch panel

Clear Thermal Wrapping Band Label Applicator
Clear Thermal Wrapping Band Label Applicator


Able to thermal print and wrap around the product at once
Anyone can apply labels easily

Model CTW-B50-na
Dimensions 780 x 462 x 1,135mm
30.70 x 18.20 x 44.68inch
Weight approx. 120 kg(265lb)
Power Supply AC120V 60Hz
Power Usage Max. 350W
Print Resolution 12 dots/mm(approx. 300dpi)
Print Width 50mm(approx. 2inch)
Print Speed Max. 300mm(11.75inch)
Wrapping Speed Max. 15packages/min
Recommended operating conditions
Temperature 0~35°C(32~95F)
Humidity 30~85%RH
Supported Label
Label Width 50mm(approx. 2inch)
Label Length 150~750mm(approx. 6~29.5inch)
Adhesive Patten 50 x 40mm(approx. 2 x 1.58inch)
Roll Length 200m
Inner Diameter 76mm(approx. 3inch)
Supported Package
Outside diameter approx. 152~685mm(6~27inch)


clear thermal wrapping linerless label

clear wrapping linerless label


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